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why fox office?



I charge a fair price for my service

I don't like to overcharge & I definitely don't like to surprise you with invoices.

I am a qualified professional and provide a great service for my price.


I utilise technology

I use Xero software, modern comms and I even have a

nifty little signing portal so you don't have to print, scan or post again.


I provide free email support

I know it can be hard to understand everything, that's why you have me and I

want you to get it right, so I won't bill you for help (*this does have some exceptions!).


I'm quick

I get back to you promptly and I get your financials done quickly.


I bill monthly

This helps you manage your cashflow. I also give you a credit card option if you prefer. 


You only deal with one person

It can be hard dealing with multiple contact points and knowing who to contact.

As Fox Office is just me, I'm your only contact.


I make it easy

 I know it's a pain looking around for paperwork.

I get as much as we need from Xero or 3rd parties so I'll only ask you for what

I REALLY need to provide a quality service.


interested? grab a quote


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